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Permanent Contact Information

With NickPhone you’ll be able to share your contact details with only one remarkable identification. This is your permanent id and everyone will be able to keep contact with you no matter if you change your phone number, email address or if you move to a new house or get a new job.

You can choose your own name, the company name, mix it with your activity or the name of your city. You can choose the identification that best suits you!

For example:

A person called John Smith Doe can assign his NickPhone as

A pizza delivery store called Hot Pizza can assign his NickPhone as

In your restrict area within the site you’ll be able to assign what kind of information you want to share, such as:

  • land line phone number
  • cellphone number
  • email address
  • map address

You can even choose whether you want to share it immediately or if it needs your approval.

Check the information you can make available to one-click action

Click-to-call land line phone number

Click-to-call  professional phone number

Click-to-call cellphone number

Click-to-open WhatsApp

Click-to-send e-mail message

Click-to-open map location